Is Russia really withdrawing from Syria?

While Putin’s announcement of withdrawal from Syria was to convey the message that Russia had won the war and is withdrawing most of its military personnel, the country is scheduled to hold presidential elections in 2018 and Putin, naturally, wants his “victories” to serve him in the election.

OIC Istanbul summit and standing up for al-Quds

The OIC Istanbul declaration, “Freedom for al-Quds,” recognizes the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, and calls on the world to recognize East Jerusalem as the occupied capital of Palestine.

Jerusalem is not for sale

Israelis and their American and European supporters must realize that the troubles in Palestine will not go away until the Israeli occupation ends.

Jerusalem: The heart of Palestine

A week after U.S. President Donald Trump announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation responded by acknowledging East Jerusalem as the occupied capital of Palestine.