Fahrettin Altun

Fahrettin Altun is a Professor at Ibn Haldun University and the General Coordinator of SETA Foundation, Istanbul. Altun is the Editor-in-Chief of the monthly political magazine Kriter, the author of “Modernleşme Kuramı: Eleştirel Bir Giriş" and the co-author of “Freedom Press in Turkey.” Currently a columnist for Daily Sabah and Sabah newspapers, he is also a weekly analyst on “Enine Boyuna” and “Dışa Bakış” – two television series aired live on TRT 1 and TRT Haber respectively. Altun’s research areas include sociology of media and political communication, Turkish modernization and political culture.

Why did Turkey declare and lift its state of emergency?

“The Western world’s expectations of help and partnership from Turkey on important matters is in vain; it must first understand and respect Turkey’s struggle against terrorism and provide intelligence, logistical and psychological support for its ally against common enemies.”

Anatomy of the July 15 coup attempt two years later

“The Western world did not side with Turkey’s people and democracy following the coup. What’s more, it used the administration’s fight against terror organizations – FETO foremost among them – to criticize Turkey.”

Western media hears what it wants to hear about Turkey

Western media needs to direct itself toward correct news and information sources about Turkey. However, in order to do so, it needs to give up its ideological approach to Turkey and Erdogan. If it does not do this, it will continue to lose its reputation while also causing anti-Western sentiment to rise in Turkey.

Can Erdogan win again?

Too busy trying to make Erdogan fail, the Western media are running in contradiction with Turkey’s sociology.