İbrahim Kalın

İbrahim Kalın is assistant to the Turkish President and the current Press Secretary in the Turkish Presidential Complex

The Syria summit in Ankara

“Without denying the complexities of the Syrian war in its current state, the Ankara summit was an important step to clear Syria from all terrorist elements and facilitate the political process that will give the Syrian people their freedom, peace, stability and dignity.”

‘Hayy ibn Yaqdhan’ and the European Enlightenment

Ibn Tufayl’s masterpiece remains as relevant today as it was centuries ago. Its enduring legacy is a testimony to its core message that what we do with the gifts of reason, faith, understanding and compassion matters more than anything else.

Race for civilization

Being civilized is not tied to material possession or technological gadgets. It is about being human in the most fundamental sense of the term.

Jerusalem is not alone

The loud and clear message of the Dec. 22 U.N. General Assembly vote is that Jerusalem is not alone and intimidation, blackmail, occupation and dispossession cannot be a norm in the 21st century.

Jerusalem is not for sale

Israelis and their American and European supporters must realize that the troubles in Palestine will not go away until the Israeli occupation ends.

What is next in post-Daesh Syria?

“Post-Daesh, post-Assad Syria should be a cause for celebration for the Syrian people and millions of refugees rather than another adventure in costly geo-political muscling.”