Kadir Üstün

Kadir Ustun is the Executive Director of the SETA Foundation in Washington, DC.

Towards the End in the Syrian Civil War?

“The Syrian Civil War, which has been raging for more than seven years, is entering a new phase, as the Assad regime is threatening to take over Idlib with Russian air support. This may very well be the end of the opposition as we know it since Idlib remains the last opposition stronghold.”

Turkey’s strategic interests in Idlib

“Russia and Iran need to make sure that the situation in Idlib does not result in a disaster that Turkey has to handle on its own. This would not only alienate Turkey as it creates real dangers against Turkish interests but will also delay a potential political deal for Syria.”

US-Turkey Ties on the Brink of Collapse?

“If the Trump administration goes down the road of unilateralism seeking to force Turkey’s hand, the relationship will only suffer damaging the national interest of both allies.”