Kılıç Buğra Kanat

Dr. Kanat is currently the Research Director at the SETA Foundation in Washington D.C. and Assistant Professor at Penn State University, Erie.

Becoming a lone superpower

Foreign policy makers at the White House have damaged the reputation of the US around the world, making the once leading country isolated among its allies.

Who is Responsible for ending the American Dream, Only Trump?

People will begin to ask the question – The US is a Joke, Dear Frank, But How Much Can We Laugh at It – as the full title of Enis Batur’s book. The regression of the US will speed up when this happens and when the US constrains itself with the means to punish its allies and when it begins to be deemed as a distrusted super power.

US credibility in decline in Turkey

The fact that supporting the YPG and considering it the U.S.’s only option made the country not only look less reliable, but also like a superpower without an option in the Middle East.