Necdet Özçelik

Necdet Özçelik is a freelance security analyst and currently consultant on contract to two foreign institutions. Mr. Özçelik also work as a field analyst with SETA Foundation. In addition to being a security analyst, Mr. Özçelik has expertise in low intensity conflicts, insurgency and terrorism. As a member of Turkish Special Forces, he served in Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and the Unites States as well as eastern Turkey. Mr. Özçelik earned degrees from Anadolu University Faculty of Business and Atilim University (MA in International Relations). He has also taken the US Army Special Forces Course as well as the Special Forces Course in Turkey.

PKK Setback in Nusaybin

The PKK terrorists chose to surrender on mass to Turkish Security Forces following the long-running urban lawlessness in Nusaybin/Mardin. This …