Talha Köse

Dr. Talha Köse is a researcher at SETA Foundation. Dr. Köse completed his doctoral studies at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)-George Mason University in January 2010. Köse’s doctoral research focuses on the transformation of Alevi identity within the post-1980 milieu of Turkey. Köse worked as a research fellow at the Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University (2010). Köse served as a visiting lecturer at George Mason University and University Maastricht (Netherlands). Ethnic-sectarian and identity based conflicts; approaches to inter-cultural reconciliation, community mediation in Turkey, Alevi issues in Turkey, and Conflict Resolution approaches in foreign policy are some of the research interests of Dr. Köse.

Decline of the international order we know

Turkey feels abandoned by its NATO allies as well as European counterparts in its efforts to deal with the terror threat and spillover effects of the civil wars in Syria and Iraq.

New phase of Turkey’s struggle for its security in Syria

In comparison to its fight against Daesh in Operation Euphrates Shield, Operation Olive Branch is riskier, but both Turkey and the FSA units are technologically, diplomatically and psychologically more ready to confront the YPG in the field this time.

Ankara’s efforts to rejuvenate its European diplomacy

While it is crucial for Turkey to keep positive bilateral relations with key European countries without abandoning the EU membership process, it is also imperative for the EU to keep Turkey as a partner in critical strategic areas such as energy, security and migration.