President Erdogan’s UK trip

Turkey has been consistently improving bilateral ties with countries like the U.K. and yet opposition political figures desperately complain to foreign governments about the current government instead of reaching out to their own people.

Surprises abound ahead of Turkey’s June 24 elections

The Nation Alliance, formed by the CHP, the Good Party (IP), the Felicity Party (SP) and the Democratic Party (DP), is essentially pragmatic. Although they focus on the “shortcomings” of Turkish democracy, it was noteworthy that they refrained from pledging a return to the parliamentary system in their protocol — which suggests that the only thing they have in common is a desire to criticize Erdogan and the AK Party.

Trump’s effect on the global system continues with Iran nuclear deal

The economic impact of a sharp U-turn will be immense for both Tehran and its economic partners. But politically, Trump has been rallying against the deal since his presidential campaign, describing it as the “worst deal he has ever seen.” Hence he might well prioritize his own domestic credibility.

Erdogan’s Istanbul Manifesto

President Erdogan’s Istanbul manifesto is important not only because it puts forward his strategies in the lead-up to the June 24 elections but it also sets out his political vision.