Contemporary Islamic Art and The Jameel Prize 2018

The Jameel Prize is ‘an award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition’ and is currently on view at the V and A Museum until November 25, 2018. The strongest works in the exhibition are those that rigorously explore Islamic artistic traditions while bringing something new in terms of material and concept.

“Neighborhood Pressure” in Turkey

The opposition in Turkey is now trying to polarize society through statements made by artists. Does every artist have to be a blind opponent of their country’s government and why does Turkey’s opposition throw a tantrum when artists call for unity?

The Praxis of Husamettin Arslan

The research and translation works of Husamettin Arslan not only had an impact on cultural life but allowed for the development of sociology in Turkey.

The man who draws with pebbles

Artist Fehim Ibrahimhakkioglu has devoted his life as an artist to pebbles. Embracing this art form to create his images, Ibrahimhakkioglu proves that everything in life is based on love.