Iraqi parliament speaker backs Turkey’s anti-PKK fight

The visiting Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Salim al-Jabouri, has backed Turkey’s fight against the PKK terror group and said: “We are definitely against the existence of terror organizations, especially the PKK there [in northern Iraq], which can harm Turkey and the region.”

Afrin residents were forced to dig ditches

As part of their defense strategy, the YPG/PKK had started digging ditches, building tunnels, making barricades, and planting bombs much earlier. It is commented that the ditches and tunnels in Afrin seem professional and this evokes the question if YPG received a foreign support or training to build them.

Germany’s Muslims urge solidarity after mosque attacks

Germany’s Muslim organizations have called on all citizens to unite and speak up against the recent wave of violence targeting mosques across the country. At least 27 mosques have been targeted by PYD/PKK supporters, far-left groups or neo-Nazis, in first 3 months of 2018.