Hezbollah’s anti-Arab position “unacceptable”

Hariri’s resignation announcement put Lebanon into a state of uncertainty and had the potential to submerge the country in Middle Eastern chaos. Later he overturned his decision to resign after the officials in Lebanon said they would only accept Hariri’s resignation if he delivered it on Lebanese soil.

NATO posts another apology to Turkey

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg hailed Turkey as an important ally for NATO: “Turkey is contributing to the alliance in many different ways, in the fight against terrorism bordering Iraq and Syria.”

PKK/PYD preventing Syrian Kurds to return home

For the Syrian Kurds, the YPG is not just an organization that fights Daesh in Syria as claimed by the US, nor it is just a threat for Turkey as security analysts and Turkish military and government agencies had been warning. As a military wing of the PKK/PYD terror group, it is potentially a threat to every community, including the one it claims to represent – the Kurds.

Turkey to receive first S-400 in 2019

Turkey’s National Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli told parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee that “the first delivery of the S-400 air-defense systems is planned to be accomplished in 2019.” Canikli also pointed out that Turkey is currently panning its own production of defense missile system – “Turkey has also started a new platform, a new line which it will develop with its own potential.”