An Alliance of Chaos?

While opposition parties failed to list a joint candidate for the presidential elections, attempting to form a coalition for the parliamentary vote has been nothing more than chaos since the opposition parties have nothing in common to merge on.

A Superficial Alliance Between the Opposition Parties?

The coalition formed between the opposition parties in Turkey is not an organic process and is therefore likely to fail in convincing voters to support such a grouping with no clear program to govern the country after the elections.

Erdogan’s Manifesto and Democracy

The shift to a presidential system may be the most critical step in institutionalizing democratic politics in Turkey. It promises to further the empowerment of the elected representatives of people vis-à-vis the bureaucracy, enlargement of the sphere of politics and increase the influence of elections. In a nutshell, it places the popular will above any other will and at the center of politics. This is the core of the silent revolution that Erdogan has achieved in the last 15-plus years.    

Kemalism is Over, Long Live Opportunism!

Over the course of the past seven years, Kilicdaroglu’s CHP differed from former party leader Deniz Baykal’s CHP in this aspect: “What is social democracy? Kemalism is over, long live opportunism!”

Who Will Turkey’s Kurds Vote For?

The electoral behavior of Turkey’s Kurds with regard to the AK Party and Erdogan vis a vis the HDP shows that President Erdogan has become a much tougher challenge for the HDP in comparison to the AK Party as a whole.