Uninvited Guests of the Inhospitable Sea

Due to the increase of migrants illegally crossing to Europe through the Black Sea, the European Union may need to re-knock on Turkey’s door in order to stop the crisis from cultivating.

Insights of the AK Party’s Manifesto

The AK Party’s manifesto for the June 24 elections is beyond being an ordinary election manifesto. The manifesto also reveals the AK Party’s approach to the country’s past and present realities.

Can the “TAMAM” Campaign End the Opposition’s Underdog Position?

“The presence of large contradictions within the opposition bloc may easily be manipulated by the People Alliance. Thus, with this ostensible weakness and being positioned against the fundamental societal demand of non-domination, the prospect for the opposition to win the 24 June elections seems so bleak. In sum, in the face of these indicators the TAMAM campaign cannot be more than a passing fad.”

An Alliance of Chaos?

While opposition parties failed to list a joint candidate for the presidential elections, attempting to form a coalition for the parliamentary vote has been nothing more than chaos since the opposition parties have nothing in common to merge on.

A Superficial Alliance Between the Opposition Parties?

The coalition formed between the opposition parties in Turkey is not an organic process and is therefore likely to fail in convincing voters to support such a grouping with no clear program to govern the country after the elections.