Taking Stock of Turkey’s Historic Elections

The June 24 elections were the first general elections that were held in the aftermath of the failed military coup attempt on July 15, 2016, and as such they represented the dawn of democratic normalization and a potential end to the state of emergency that was declared after the coup.

What do the 24 June Election Results Tell Us?

“It would not be wrong to state that the main objective of the opposition parties, which was to block Erdogan from winning in the first round and to cause a “divided government” between the legislative and executive branches ultimately ended in a fiasco.”

The Road Ahead After the June 24 Elections

Having handled serious domestic and foreign policy crises over the years, including party closure cases and a failed coup attempt, Erdogan’s campaign for the presidential system has been accepted by the Turkish electorate.

The Victory of Turkish Democracy

The electorate who voted in the June 24 elections in Turkey have given President Erdogan the opportunity to convey the presidential system.