İsmail Kavaz

The Trump Effect on the Global Energy Game and Turkey’s Role

The Trump administration is expected to exert effort on transmitting natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean region to Turkey, and then to the European Union via the Southern Gas Corridor...In this sense, the intimate relations between Turkey and the new US administration are extremely important.

Erişah Arıcan

What’s Turkey’s New Wealth Fund?

By contributing to the sustainable growth of the country's economy and making strategically important investments, [the Turkey Wealth Fund] aims to play an important role in socio-cultural development, economic capital and human capital development as well as to transfer economic wealth to future generations.

INVESTIGATION What is Turkey’s New Presidential System?

What is Turkey’s New Presidential System?

The New Turkey offers a few articles to understand historical and social forces which are driving the rationale behind the constitutional referendum.

INVESTIGATION Turkey’s War on the PKK: A Social Perspective

Turkey’s War on the PKK: A Social Perspective

Turkey’s war on the PKK’s terror has impacted the country for decades, but nowhere more so than in the country's southeast.

Failed Coup-Attempt in Turkey: What happened on July 15?

On July 15, 2016, a small group of illegally organized soldiers within the Turkish Armed Forces, loyal to FETO (Gulenist Terror Organization), plotted a failed coup in Turkey.