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Echoes of Rasputin in the Modern World

by Selim Yaman

The cases of South Korea’s Choi Soon-sil and Turkey’s Fethullah Gülen show that individuals, even those of who occupy important positions, may be motivated by emotional and irrational thinking, instead of the rational reasoning.

Ana Yazılar

The period after 2002 has marked a new stage for Turkey`s development assistance strategy, and therefore for TIKA, as it opened up to the world, thanks to increases in the GDP of Turkey, and reached out to different regions including the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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Something must be done! Turkish reaction to the outcomes of industrialization, consumerism and urbanization must find a unique way to challenge the Zeitgeist, and this must involve both the idea of the self and the experience of the West.

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Erdoğan’s Visit and Pakistan-Turkey Bilateral Ties

by Rehmat Mehsud

Many Pakistanis have witnessed three military administrations themselves; and have praised Erdogan and the public’s success at foiling the July 15 coup.

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Should Turkey be Optimistic About Trump's Presidency?

by Umar Farooq

Trump may not be as Islamophobic or hawkish as his campaign statements, or his future cabinet members, make him out to be. Most likely, Trump in fact has little knowledge of the world he will soon be dealing with as the head of the sole superpower.

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Perils of the PKK’s Arms: The MANPADS Challenge

by Merve Seren & Çağrı Doğal Gül

The Turkish Army’s bitter experiences, such as the PKK’s recent attack near the Çığlı military zone, highlights the unanticipated consequences of shortfalls and limitations in countermeasure abilities against MANPADS, and draws attention to the need to strengthen capabilities for detecting, locating, identifying, and defeating targets through UAVs.

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Europe Plays the Wrong Movie

by Sümeyra Keleş Yerkel

If Snowden could succeed at just being enough anti-Erdoğan and leaking things putting his personality or the Turkish government in a tight spot, he could have higher chances of being embraced by Germany. Pity for him.

Sadık Ünay

Populist insurgency spreads against Western establishments

The populist insurgency continues to spread against political establishments in the Western world. Moderation, tolerance, commonsense, empathy with other cultures and societies will be much needed in the near future.

Kılıç Buğra Kanat

Why the world is watching as US presidential inauguration looms

In a brief instant, the world realized that the fault lines in American society are deeper and more complex than previously thought, raising serious questions among world leaders about the fate of foreign relations over the next four years and the impact that U.S. polarization could have on the rest of the world.

INVESTIGATION Turkey's July 15 Revolution

Turkey's July 15 Revolution

The New Turkey published several articles investigating political, social, and economic aspects of July 15 resistance to the coup attempt.

INVESTIGATION Freedom of Expression: Alla German?

Freedom of Expression: Alla German?

Despite the long history of friendship and partnership between Turkey and Germany, there are tidal waves of symmetry and asymmetry in political relations of the two countries. The New Turkey investigated current biased representations of Turkey in Germany.

Failed Coup-Attempt in Turkey: What happened on July 15?

On July 15, 2016, a small group of illegally organized soldiers within the Turkish Armed Forces, loyal to FETO (Gulenist Terror Organization), plotted a failed coup in Turkey.

INTERVIEW DAESH: Documenting a Modern Heresy, Interview with Belkıs Kılıçkaya

DAESH: Documenting a Modern Heresy, Interview with Belkıs Kılıçkaya

The New Turkey interviewed Belkıs Kılıçkaya, a distinguished Turkish journalist, about DAESH, on which she made a three-part documentary for a TV channel in Turkey.

INTERVIEW Investing in Turkey, Investors’ Perspective: Interview with Tarek O. Al-Kasabi

Investing in Turkey, Investors’ Perspective: Interview with Tarek O. Al-Kasabi

The New Turkey interviewed Tarek O. Al-Kasabi, a Saudi businessman, about his company's investments in Turkey.