Turkish President Erdogan in South Africa

The world of alternatives

“There is no doubt that problems continue to emerge in the world of “alternatives” amid regional and global uncertainty. Turkey, however, will presumably find new opportunities over the next five years. Those who find ways to work with one side without abandoning the other will survive.”

Will the EU Keep the JCPOA Alive?

“While the EU’s grand effort to keep the JCPOA alive seems to fail in the future, unlike the U.S., the participant countries have shown that they still maintain the channel of communication with the government of Iran.”

G7 Summit: Trouble in paradise

The Turkish people will choose a leader who will skillfully manage the country in a rapidly changing and unpredictable global system, in which even historical allies are turning against one another.

Uninvited Guests of the Inhospitable Sea

Due to the increase of migrants illegally crossing to Europe through the Black Sea, the European Union may need to re-knock on Turkey’s door in order to stop the crisis from cultivating.