The French Islam

In a so-called attempt to combat radical Islamists, the French state is attempting to create a new type of “French Islam.”

The 300 French Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Just as France did not act with religious motifs while colonizing Africa, it also did not employ such motifs in recent history, for instance while overtly supporting the Rwandan genocide during the 1990s. But still, French people are very fond of making references through religion. If this is the case, then they can get to the roots of this problem by looking at their “religion of Enlightenment.”

The Hunchback of Germany: Right Populism

What does Germany stand for? Freedom and liberalism or populism? Is this the Germany, which is being dreamt of and which is being constructed for the future? Are universal values being sacrificed for short-term political scores and gains?

The problem of minority representation in Europe

In Sener Akturk’s ‘Political Engineering and the Exclusion of Religious Conservative Muslims in Europe,’ it is clear that the representation of Muslims in parliaments across Europe does not amount to a substantive representation.