Why did Turkey declare and lift its state of emergency?

“The Western world’s expectations of help and partnership from Turkey on important matters is in vain; it must first understand and respect Turkey’s struggle against terrorism and provide intelligence, logistical and psychological support for its ally against common enemies.”

The Legacy of the July 15 Coup Attempt for Turkish Democracy

“We will certainly continue to debate the reverberations of the July 15 coup attempt and its legacy for the country. But one overarching message is clear: Turkish people will no longer tolerate their democratic rights and popular will to be undermined and hijacked by cliques and terror groups from within and outside the state.”

How FETO Became Fanatic and Dogmatic

There was never innocence within FETO and the members of the criminal cult only paid respect to their leader – Fetullah Gulen – who they believed to be the “messiah.”