Rationality and the AK Party

By refusing the native-national politics proposed by the AK Party, the opposition fails to present its own political project.

Kemalism is Over, Long Live Opportunism!

Over the course of the past seven years, Kilicdaroglu’s CHP differed from former party leader Deniz Baykal’s CHP in this aspect: “What is social democracy? Kemalism is over, long live opportunism!”

Understanding the New Turkey: Towards Post-Kemalist Politics

“Following the momentum of economic and political liberalization in Turkey, and as the realm of politics gained relative autonomy from the state, it became apparent that the secular-nationalist identity was insufficient to bring society into unity.”

The Future of CHP and Turkey’s Democracy

Will CHP be able to break the vicious cycle, contribute to democracy, find solutions to problems and inspire hope in the public? I truly hope so, but it’s a tough challenge for the CHP.