A witch hunt in the White House?

“It is a rather confusing time for outside observers to understand what is taking place in the U.S. administration today. In the 20-month period since the inauguration of President Trump, the administration has experienced very rapid turnover in some key positions.”

How Trump benefits from the ‘coup’

In “Fear: Trump in the White House,” Bob Woodward claims that White House officials have been trying to protect U.S. interests despite President Trump – including by hiding documents to prevent him from signing them.


How Can an Evangelical Pastor Influence Turkey–US Relations?

Following the July 15, 2016, military coup in Turkey, Andrew Brunson – an Evangelical pastor currently under house arrest in Turkey – said: “We were waiting for some events to shake the Turks […], the coup attempt was a shock, many Turks trusted the military as they did in the past […] We will eventually win.”