The Dynamics Behind the Istanbul Summit

As Turkey responds to the changing dynamics on the ground, it becomes a significant player of the geopolitical game in Syria. Following a balanced foreign policy will further reinforce Turkey’s achievements.

Has Turkey’s Syria Policy Changed?

Turkey’s policy of keeping and enlarging its military presence in Syria has two aims: Sustaining Turkey’s national security against YPG and Daesh terror and achieving democratic change in Syria.

Does Quadruple Talk in Istanbul Signal Peace for Syria?

“One way to prevent a regime coalition offensive in Idlib would be if the U.S. stepped in. If the U.S. could come to a more balanced position between Turkey and the PKK it could allow for a so-called “NATO zone” that would put nearly half the country out of reach of the pro-Assad coalition, and place Turkey’s territorial holdings in Syria under the political protection, if not the military protection, of the United States.”

Turkey-US Relations Post-Brunson

Trump has taken good care of Pastor Andrew Brunson in order to strengthen his Evangelical vote. However, how will this affect relations with Turkey?