Abdirashid Diriye Kalmoy

Abdirashid Diriye Kalmoy

Abdirashid Diriye Kalmoy, is a graduate student at Ibn Haldun University, Turkey. His research interests are Societies, Politics, Ethno-identity, Nationalism and Post-colonial nation- state formations in the Horn of Africa region.
Genocide on Trial The Rohingya Plight and Gambia s Moral

Genocide on Trial: The Rohingya Plight and Gambia’s Moral Foreign Policy

December 23, 2019
Gambia became the first nation to bring charges of genocide against another state to the International Court of Justice, setting a new precedent in moral leadership, foreign policy, and the protection of human rights.
From the Nixon-Reagan Tapes to Trump s Tweets Racism Has

From the Nixon-Reagan Tapes to Trump’s Tweets: Racism Has a Tradition in US Politics

August 28, 2019
Something has cracked in America: the ruling elites are clueless and the masses are anxious and politically neurotic. Racism and racist tropes are normalized and rendered mainstream.
The African Anthropocene The Making of a Western Environmental Crisis

The African Anthropocene: The Making of a Western Environmental Crisis

August 5, 2019
Anthropocene Africana – the unseen destruction of a whole continent – is in full gear. Climate change is a global existential crisis, but different regions of the world feel its impacts differently – and Africa, Asia and Latin America are already feeling the consequences of an enraged "mother nature".
European Neo-Nazis have Missiles What s Next

European Neo-Nazis have Missiles. What’s Next?

July 19, 2019
The discovery of missiles and a large stock of weapons in the hands of neo-Nazis have to ring warning bells all over Europe. A genocidal and monstrous ideology is making a come-back in Europe and America – thanks to far-right populism – and its consequences would be far-reaching and calamitous.
Is Drowning Immigrants the EU s New Strategy

Is Drowning Immigrants the EU’s New Strategy?

July 4, 2019
Europe has neglected its political and moral values vis-a-vis immigrants. Europe’s operation Triton – a brutal counter-immigration policy framework, disguised as helping immigrants – is a failure. Immigrants are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, imprisoned in squalid conditions in Bulgaria and Greece, and now murdered en masse by Haftar’s militias.
Ethiopia Political Reforms Violence and Now a Coup d Etat

Ethiopia: Political Reforms, Violence, and Now a Coup d’Etat

June 28, 2019
So far Premier Abiy Ahmed has a good track-record. But the challenges his administration face are deep-rooted.
Sudan On the Road to Revolution or Violence

Sudan: On the Road to Revolution or Violence?

June 12, 2019
Sudan is at a crucial crossroad. The nation has to achieve positive ends after long protests that culminated in a partial revolution; the TMC has to midwife and complete the April revolution.
Sudan and the Nile Spring Raptures of Hope and the

Sudan and the Nile Spring: Raptures of Hope and the Uncertain Road Ahead

April 19, 2019
Sudan is going through uncertain and also promising times. The horizon looks bright and pregnant with hope. The military council and Sudanese people have to be cautious, decisive and maintain peace.
Turkey s Reliable Diplomacy in the Somalia-Somaliland Talks

Turkey’s Reliable Diplomacy in the Somalia-Somaliland Talks

March 20, 2019
Turkey plays a significant and important role in Africa, now it can bring Somalia and the Somaliland administration to the table and arbitrate a long-lasting solution for all.
How the European Union Continues to Generate Poverty and Migration

How the European Union Continues to Generate Poverty and Migration in Africa

January 29, 2019
The CFA franc and the way in which Western corporations exploit Africa are at the root of the immigrant crisis. ‘Voluntary colonialism’ (a legitimised neo-colonization of Africa) as Gunter Nooke, Germany’s Africa commissioner suggested, will only compound and augment matters Africa.