Alastair Sloan

Alastair Sloan

Europe must help refugees, but America has plenty of room to spare

September 8, 2015
Europe is guided by buffoons, bigots and bumblers. That's all I can conclude from the refugee crisis.

The media should reconsider its international coverage; lives may depend on it

August 13, 2015
Tunisia is a good example. Without understanding that terrorist activity in Tunisia was on the rise, the British media failed in some respects on what little they can do to keep readers informed and thus safer.

T E Lawrence naivete lives on

May 21, 2015
Now as in then, it's not that the West wants to save the Middle East - it's that the West wants the Middle East. Today marks 80 years since the death of T E Lawrence, the wartime hero, renegade diplomat and reputable scholar.

Islamophobia and Europe's refugee crisis

December 26, 2014
There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.