Ali Aslan

Ali Aslan studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware, where he received his PhD in 2012. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Ibn Haldun University and a researcher at SETA Istanbul. Aslan is also a columnist for The New Turkey.

Has Turkey’s Syria Policy Changed?

Turkey’s policy of keeping and enlarging its military presence in Syria has two aims: Sustaining Turkey’s national security against YPG and Daesh terror and achieving democratic change in Syria.

Have Relations Between Turkey and the US Normalized?

The wave of new military operations conducted by Turkey to clear the east of the Euphrates River from all terrorist (PKK) elements will be a test on how “healthy” relations between Turkey and the U.S. are.

Is Nationalism on the Rise in Turkey?

Turkish society has not given in to chauvinist nationalism is that Turkish society has successfully absorbed the four million plus refugees from Syria and other places from the Middle East. This is beyond imagination for many other countries, especially as one thinks of the current refugee crisis among the EU member states.

A Roust May Hit the Opposition

“A roust may hit the opposition parties, especially after the elections. The main reason for this will be the lack of a comprehensive and well-defined political project shared by all opposition parties, which can produce a united front.”