Atilla Yayla

Atilla Yayla

Atilla Yayla is Professor of Social and Political Theory and currently the chairman of Association for Liberal Thinking in Turkey.
The Future of CHP and Turkey s Democracy

The Future of CHP and Turkey’s Democracy

March 19, 2018
Will CHP be able to break the vicious cycle, contribute to democracy, find solutions to problems and inspire hope in the public? I truly hope so, but it’s a tough challenge for the CHP.
What will the Aftershocks of Turkey s April 16 Referendum

What will the Aftershocks of Turkey’s April 16 Referendum Be?

April 12, 2017
Turkey is rushing towards the April 16 Referendum, which is potentially one of the most important events in the history of its democracy. No matter what the results will be, this referendum will always be remembered as a case and cited as a milestone in Turkish political history.
Turkey s July 15 Revolution

Turkey’s July 15 Revolution

August 26, 2016
Turkey’s July 15 resistance against the coup attempt is no less than the British, American or French revolutions. It has the main characteristics of the classical revolutions. Now Turkey is among the countries that have a saga to support the democratic system.