Belkıs Kılıçkaya

Belkıs Kılıçkaya

Kılıçkaya worked as a journalist for Cumhuriyet and Milliyet newspapers. In 1992 she moved to Paris and completed her studies in International Relations. After returning to Turkey in 2009, Kılıçkaya started working for Habertürk. In 2016, she formed a three-part documentary on DAESH.
Kemalism is Over Long Live Opportunism

Kemalism is Over, Long Live Opportunism!

May 1, 2018
Over the course of the past seven years, Kilicdaroglu’s CHP differed from former party leader Deniz Baykal’s CHP in this aspect: “What is social democracy? Kemalism is over, long live opportunism!”
Who is Afraid of Early Elections

Who is Afraid of Early Elections?

April 23, 2018
The CHP chairman Kilicdaroglu does not seem to know yet if he will run himself as a candidate or nominate the names like former President and AK Party member Abdullah Gul and the CHP deputy Ilhan Kesici, a center-right politician.
A Religion of Secularism

A Religion of Secularism?

April 17, 2018
Secularism, which turned into the official religion of the state with the 1905 French law on the Separation of the Churches and State, is still being preserved in a bigot way although it has been a matter of discussion for 113 years.
FETO s Russian Roulette

FETO’s Russian Roulette?

April 9, 2018
As part of the investigation Turkey and Russia conducted jointly, Russia asked to examine the PC belonging to Mevlut Mert Altintas with a different method, and eventually the deleted data were found. Among the data, the Russian delegation found that two files were given the title "Fetullah Gulen," 690 files with the title "Hizmet," a term that literally means "service" which FETO calls itself, and four files with the title "FETO."
How Old is France s Latest Syria Move

How Old is France’s Latest Syria Move?

April 2, 2018
The statements issued by Élysée Palace regarding the Macron-SDF meeting stressed the male and female parity within the delegation. But they did not touch on the fact that many international NGOs issued various reports indicating that the YPG and PKK terror groups, which adopt an ideology with Stalinist and fascist elements, armed 10-year-old children and made 15-16 year-old children organize kamikaze attacks.
CHP s Possible Strategies for the 2019 Election

CHP’s Possible Strategies for the 2019 Election

March 26, 2018
From the 1970s onwards, Erbakan established four different political parties – all which were shut down by military coups or judiciaries serving tutelage regimes. The CHP is known to have served as the civilian leg of the tutelage regime that polarized the nation through secularism and the Kurdish question for years and acted as the fiercest opponent of the Erbakan wing.
Politics versus Justice in the US Iran Sanctions Case

Politics versus Justice in the US: Iran Sanctions Case

December 22, 2017
Everyone is aware that despite Halkbank being a completely different case, the super-powerful US could have fined the bank – there was no need for Zarrab to be a witness or for Atilla to be a defendant. However, the US did not take the course of action as it had done with other banks.
Where does Meral Aksener s Iyi Party stand in Turkish

Where does Meral Aksener’s Iyi Party stand in Turkish Politics?

December 16, 2017
In order to appeal to all political factions, Aksener has gathered various figures, who are mostly irrelevant and incompatible to each other. The commonality between these individuals is that while they have been active in politics for many years, they have been unsuccessful and, thus, forgotten by the public.
FETO and its Role in Stoking the Kurdish Issue

FETO and its Role in Stoking the Kurdish Issue

August 21, 2017
How the PKK dug trenches in many cities, especially in Diyarbakır, in order to start a war despite the people's objections was made clear after the July 15 coup attempt. The FETO-member military officers and pilots bombed the Parliament with F-16s that flew from Diyarbakır.
Germany's quot New Free Policy quot

Germany's "New Free Policy"

July 21, 2017
There is a newspaper, published in Frankfurt and sold along with Frankfurter Allgemeine, Le Monde, Le Figaro, El Pais and The Guardian at kiosks in Europe: Yeni Özgür Politika (New Free Policy). It's published in Turkish and this year the newspaper celebrates its 11th anniversary. However, the newspaper deems those who don't support the PKK or criticize the terrorist organization as "collaborators", "threatening", "killing" and headlining that they were "punished" which "intimidates the rest" are considered as a part of the freedom of expression and thought in Germany.