Bünyamin Uzuncan

Bünyamin Uzuncan

Bünyamin Uzuncan completed his BA in Public Relations at Kadir Has University in 2013. He received his MSc in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics in 2016. Uzuncan currently works for TRT World and is pursuing his Ph.D. at Galatasaray University, focusing on political communication, discourse, media representation, identities and ideologies.
When Lies Become Truths How Trump s Rhetoric is Reshaping

When Lies Become Truths: How Trump’s Rhetoric is Reshaping America for the Worse

September 2, 2019
Despite the fact that Trump has taken concrete steps in recent days, he has already built a symbolic wall between Americans and migrants and attacked the multiracial, multicultural soul of America.
The PKK s Exploitation of Women Assumptions vs Realities

The PKK’s Exploitation of Women: Assumptions vs. Realities

April 25, 2018
Although listed as a terror group by many Western states and Western-based institutions such as NATO and the European Union, various Western media outlets have paved the way for the PKK and its offshoots to feature in their reports within a positive and overwhelmingly feministic image.
Distant Suffering Images of the Syrian War

Distant Suffering: Images of the Syrian War

January 9, 2017
In the last few years, some shocking pictures coming from conflict zones have turned audiences into passive, distant sufferers.