Emrah Kekilli

Emrah Kekilli

Emrah Kekilli received his BA in History from Marmara University in 2009. After completing his MA at Bilgi University, he is currently pursuing his PhD at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University. Kekilli is currently a Researcher for the Foreign Policy Directorate at SETA, Ankara.
Iraqi Parliamentary Elections The Changes and Challenges in Iraqi Politics

Iraqi Parliamentary Elections: The Changes and Challenges in Iraqi Politics

June 5, 2018
U.S. regional allies, the Israel-Gulf bloc’s demands toward breaking Iran’s regional influence and the rigidity of U.S. President Trump’s steps to that end will determine the rigidity of Iran’s counter maneuvers. If confronted with harsh steps, Iran will attempt to use its influence on Iraq to break the pressure on itself. While the U.S. will prefer actors in Iraq that will leave Iraq out of this tension by narrowing Iran’s sphere of influence, Iran will prefer actors that will act in its favor.
Re-shaping the Middle East Israel-backed UAE-Saudi Alliance

Re-shaping the Middle East? Israel-backed UAE-Saudi Alliance

January 4, 2018
The failure of the Saudi-UAE axis in regards to the Jerusalem issue illustrates the fact that this group is in search for an order in the region, which includes the re-design of the Palestine-Israel issue.
UN Roadmap to Peace in Libya Will Khalifa Haftar be

UN Roadmap to Peace in Libya: Will Khalifa Haftar be left on the Sidelines?

December 5, 2017
The approval of Salamé’s roadmap is crucial for Haftar, as it will give start to a political process that will thwart Haftar's strategy of “militarizing the state.” Similarly, it creates political risks for regional actors that have supported Haftar up until now.
What's Next For the KRG After the Loss of Kirkuk

What's Next For the KRG After the Loss of Kirkuk?

October 18, 2017
Being successful against Daesh, capturing Kirkuk within a day and being supported by regional and international actors, the Iraqi central government could be expected to launch new operations in the short and mid-term in order to gain control over the disputed territories.
Possible Civil War Scenarios in Iraq following the KRG Referendum

Possible Civil War Scenarios in Iraq following the KRG Referendum

October 3, 2017
The PYD stated that they would be ready to perform their duty at a possible conflict in Kirkuk, which clearly illustrates that the PKK and the PYD wish to make room for themselves by taking advantage of a possible crisis in Iraq.