Giorgio Cafiero

Giorgio Cafiero

Jordan Silent Brother in Gulf Politics

Jordan: Silent Brother in Gulf Politics

April 13, 2019
For many years, Amman’s close alliance with Washington has heavily concealed many of the Hashemite Kingdom’s internal problems. Yet against the backdrop of declining U.S. influence in the Middle East as the world grows increasingly multipolar and the leadership in Amman finds Trump’s foreign policy too incohesive, aggressively pro-Israel, and transactional, Jordan is beginning to view its foreign policy strategies differently.
To Counter Turkey Saudi Arabia Backs the YPG in Syria

To Counter Turkey, Saudi Arabia Backs the YPG in Syria

March 29, 2019
Of all the Arabian Peninsula monarchies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has received the most blame in Turkey for its backing of the YPG. Yet recently more Turks are paying closer attention to the deepening relationship between the Kurdish, Marxist group and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which must be understood within the framework of Riyadh aligning closely with Abu Dhabi’s increasingly anti-Turkish foreign policy agenda in the greater Arab/Islamic world.
Islam in the UAE s Foreign Policy

Islam in the UAE’s Foreign Policy

March 7, 2019
The UAE utilizes Islam to strengthen its regime’s legitimacy, compete with rival states’ visions for Islamic leadership, and project an image of moderation and tolerance before global actors, namely Western countries.