Haydar Oruç

Haydar Oruç

Researcher, Middle East Institute, Sakarya University, haydaroruc@hotmail.com
The Search for a Political Consensus in Israel Pre-Election Scenarios

The Search for a Political Consensus in Israel: Pre-Election Scenarios

August 10, 2019
If predictions are true, Netanyahu who has now surpassed David Ben Gurion's record, becoming Israel's longest serving prime minister, may find himself facing an uncertain future outside of office.
A Deal to End All Deals Trump's Deal of the

A Deal to End All Deals? Trump's Deal of the Century May Annihilate Palestine

June 3, 2019
The Deal of the Century, which does not offer any noteworthy gain to Palestine despite all concessions, is likely to turn into a subjugation agreement that might cause the complete annihilation of Palestine.
Snap Elections in Israel Is Netanyahu Going

Snap Elections in Israel: Is Netanyahu Going?

March 15, 2019
Will the claims of corruption made against Netanyahu bring an end to his political career?