Hazal Duran

Hazal Duran

Hazal Duran conducted her B.A in the fields of Turkish Language and Literature and International Relations at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology in 2012. She completed her M.A in Modern Turkish Studies at Istanbul Sehir University. While continuing her doctoral studies at Bilkent University, she is currently serving as a Researcher at the SETA Ankara Directorate of Political Studies.
President Erdogan Reveals the AK Party s Election Manifesto

President Erdogan Reveals the AK Party’s Election Manifesto

February 4, 2019
The AK Party's latest manifesto is the reflection of the party’s intrinsic and newly-emerging approach in governing the urban. It is possible to say that after this approach becomes dominant in local politics, Turkey will face a new way in governing the urban in accordance with technology, innovation, and ecological considerations.
Will the Alliance Between the CHP and Iyi Party Work

Will the Alliance Between the CHP and Iyi Party Work?

January 28, 2019
Even though the parties have finalized their agreement, some circles in the CHP and Iyi Party are not satisfied with the final agreement.
Reflections on the Erdogan-Imamoglu Meeting

Reflections on the Erdogan-Imamoglu Meeting

January 15, 2019
During the meeting between the two, Erdogan and Imamoglu spoke about the future of Istanbul and the dynamics of the upcoming local elections in a warm and friendly environment.
The Sisyphean Task of CHP Reproducing Anti-Erdogan Discourse

The Sisyphean Task of CHP: Reproducing Anti-Erdogan Discourse

January 7, 2019
Reproducing anti-Erdogan discourse has become the Sisyphean task of the CHP in order to cover the failure of the party.
Turkey s Domestic Policy Agenda in 2019 Further Challenges and

Turkey’s Domestic Policy Agenda in 2019: Further Challenges and New Opportunities

January 2, 2019
New determinants in Turkish politics reflect one point: It is possible to see a new balance of power among political parties after the elections, which will also shape the political order in the long term.
Turkey's Operation in Syria as the Determinant of the Local

Turkey's Operation in Syria as the Determinant of the Local Elections

December 24, 2018
All developments until now show that Turkey’s military operation in Syria may be one of the determinants of the result in Turkey’s upcoming local elections.
Using Micro-Campaigns in Turkey s Local Elections

Using Micro-Campaigns in Turkey’s Local Elections

December 17, 2018
President Erdogan announced that traditional election campaign methods causing visual and noise pollution will be eliminated in the local elections process. Thus, the party will develop new options in order to attract new voter profiles and to implement more environmentally-friendly methods.
Have the Boundaries of an Alliance between Turkey's Opposition Parties

Have the Boundaries of an Alliance between Turkey's Opposition Parties already been Drawn?

December 11, 2018
How will the opposition bloc in Turkey manage to form a balance between their ideological orientation and their interests? The answer to this question reflects the main crisis within this bloc. 
Revealing the AK Party s Candidate Selection Strategy

Revealing the AK Party’s Candidate Selection Strategy

December 3, 2018
As the upcoming local elections are a crucial turning point for the AK Party and the consolidation of the new political system, the candidate selection process was important to establish a successful election strategy.
People s Alliance A Game Changer in Turkish Politics

People’s Alliance: A Game Changer in Turkish Politics?

November 26, 2018
The leader of MHP, Devlet Bahceli, stated that the MHP would not nominate its own candidates in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, the most critical provinces for the People’s Alliance, and that the MHP would support the AK Party candidates in these provinces. Thus, the People’s Alliance has once again emerged as a game changer in Turkish politics.