Hüseyin Alptekin

Hüseyin Alptekin

Hüseyin Alptekin is Assistant Professor at Istanbul Şehir University and researcher at SETA. He received his PhD degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. Among his academic interests are comparative political institutions, ethnic politics, nationalism, politics of Turkey, and the Middle East. His research has been published, among others, in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Mediterranean Politics, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Afro Eurasian Studies, Insight Turkey, and Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought.
HDP s Choice Political Struggle or Armed Campaign

HDP’s Choice: Political Struggle or Armed Campaign?

July 21, 2018
The HDP should not overestimate the Turkish state’s choice to leave the “political path” open. As the HDP embraces a louder affiliation with the PKK, counterterrorism measures might be hardened to hurt the party organization more seriously.
Barzani Back in Turkey Towards Re-building Relations

Barzani Back in Turkey: Towards Re-building Relations?

July 14, 2018
The KRG is also not happy with the presence of the PKK in its region. As PM Barzani stated 5 days before his official visit to Turkey, "The PKK uses KRG land it occupies as a base to attack Turkey."
How intra-Kurdish Differences Prevail in Eastern Turkey

How intra-Kurdish Differences Prevail in Eastern Turkey

July 9, 2018
A final finding of the June 24 elections in Turkey is that neither Turkey’s eastern votes nor its Kurdish votes act as a bloc but intra-eastern and intra-Kurdish differences prevail in the country.
What to Make of the June 24 Elections in Eastern

What to Make of the June 24 Elections in Eastern Turkey

June 30, 2018
In the eastern cities of Turkey, where the ethnic Kurdish population is in significant numbers, the competition took place between the AK Party and the HDP in this election.
Projections for Sunday's Elections in Turkey

Projections for Sunday's Elections in Turkey

June 23, 2018
Many would bet for a victory for Erdogan but with a divided parliament, which will make politics quite hot for the following months in terms of the relations between the executive and legislative branches.
Demirtas's Armed Heroes in his Speech for Peace

Demirtas's Armed Heroes in his Speech for Peace

June 20, 2018
Here is my call for Demirtas. Next time you want to make it clear that you should not be in jail for alleged linkages to the PKK, do not salute the people who started armed campaigns against the state.
Turkey s Offensive in Iraq The Target is Qandil

Turkey’s Offensive in Iraq: The Target is Qandil

June 9, 2018
Only after such a tri-partite cooperation of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, can the PKK finally be cleaned off from Qandil. As for defeating the PKK in Syria, Turkey will have to work with the U.S. and will have to find a way to persuade the U.S. to stop its support to the PKK’s consolidation in Syria.
What Does HUDA-PAR s Support for the AK Party Mean

What Does HUDA-PAR’s Support for the AK Party Mean?

June 2, 2018
Huda-Par has signaled to the conservative Kurdish voters that Erdogan is still the closest candidate to them. How this message will be received will determine the winner of Turkey’s Kurdish votes, and perhaps even the winner of the presidential elections on June 24.
The HDP between Ethnic and Socialist Appeals

The HDP between Ethnic and Socialist Appeals

May 26, 2018
The upcoming elections, will show whether the HDP and PKK will be able to appeal to the Turkish socialists without distancing conservative Kurdish nationalists.  
No Unified Front for Turkey s Ethnic Kurdish Parties

No Unified Front for Turkey’s Ethnic Kurdish Parties

May 19, 2018
The goals of small Kurdish parties in creating a Kurdistan free from the Turkish state’s jurisdiction is neither realistic nor moderate, even for the local population. Under such circumstances, it seems like the electoral race in the region will, once again, be between the AK party and the HDP.