İpek Coşkun

İpek Coşkun

İpek Coşkun received her BA in English Linguistics and Minor in Sociology from Hacettepe University. She holds an MA in Sociology from Gazi University, with a thesis concerned with educational inequality. While she is currently a PhD student at Gazi University, Coşkun has been conducting research at the SETA Foundation since 2010.
Notes from the Border What Operation Olive Branch means for

Notes from the Border: What Operation Olive Branch means for the Border Towns of Turkey

February 22, 2018
A young Kilis resident we came across while walking said to us: “When they [terrorists] kill, they don’t care whether we are Turks or Syrians. Here, we are trying to survive together.”
What Changed With the New High School Transition Model in

What Changed With the New High School Transition Model in Turkey?

November 16, 2017
According to the new model for high school registration, students are no longer obliged to take an examination while transitioning from primary to secondary education. Approximately 90% of students will be able to register to high schools that are in the vicinity of their residence. Neither a base score nor examination result will be demanded.
Between Reform and Restoration The Turkish Education System An Interview

Between Reform and Restoration: The Turkish Education System, An Interview with İpek Coşkun

October 30, 2017
We need ‘restoration’ instead of ‘reform’ in the field of education. While we must facilitate stability by keeping our local realities at the center, we must also be on the watch for developments all around the world.
July 15th and the Youth A Fresh Perspective

July 15th and the Youth: A Fresh Perspective

July 18, 2017
On the anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt, I have talked with a couple of young people of different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds, about their perception of the coup attempt and the post July 15th process.
Diyarbakır How far from Normalization

Diyarbakır: How far from Normalization?

January 9, 2017
Actually at this point, Kurdish youth need to have a new dialogue without any type of violence or hatred. What Kurdish youth really needs is to have a positive agenda to focus on their future’s plan, especially in terms of education and employment.
No More Ghost Generations Syrian Children s Education in Turkey

No More Ghost Generations: Syrian Children’s Education in Turkey

September 26, 2016
Turkey needs to prepare a road map for the education of refugee children. This is necessary to prevent the emergence of a ghost generation that has no identity, no home and no future.