İsmet Berkan

İsmet Berkan

İsmet Berkan worked as a journalist for Cumhuriyet, Yeni Yüzyıl, Radikal and Hürriyet newspapers. He was the Editor-in-Chief and political columnist at Radikal for 15 years, and wrote a column for Hürriyet for 6 years. For the last 8 years, Berkan has been on TRT1’s weekly political analysis program ‘Enine Boyuna.’
What If It Works The CHP's Local Election Strategy

What If It Works? The CHP's Local Election Strategy

March 4, 2019
Kilicdaroglu's excuse for a possible defeat is already at hand. He will argue that the CHP failed due to the group divisions in the party, which accentuated their own identities rather than the party identity.
What does Turkey s Map of Political Alliances Look Like

What does Turkey’s Map of Political Alliances Look Like for the Upcoming Local Elections?

October 30, 2018
What makes the upcoming local elections more important than a simple vote to determine local administrators is the fact that the opposition is trying to make it ‘a referendum vote’ for the Turkish government. And this effort may lead to the most critical stage of a struggle in voter sociology, which has been long ongoing.
Turkish Politics After the Student Oath Debate

Turkish Politics After the Student Oath Debate

October 27, 2018
In the “Old Turkey,” to use the term coined by the AK Party, courts often examined the “aptness” of government decisions and acted as if they were opposition parties, banning certain behavior. It has been a long time since this situation was named “judicial tutelage” and many efforts were made to end it.
Time to Decide for the CHP Stay the Same or

Time to Decide for the CHP: Stay the Same or Become Popularized

May 12, 2017
CHP could just as easily say it doesn’t care about who rules, and focus on its usual voter base and not bother with becoming the ruling party. If this is what the CHP is going to say, it is the end of our discussion. The decisions it makes in the coming days will show whether the party wants to become the ruling party in 2019.