Kadir Üstün

Kadir Ustun is the Executive Director of the SETA Foundation in Washington, DC.

US-Turkey Ties on the Brink of Collapse?

“If the Trump administration goes down the road of unilateralism seeking to force Turkey’s hand, the relationship will only suffer damaging the national interest of both allies.”

The Legacy of the July 15 Coup Attempt for Turkish Democracy

“We will certainly continue to debate the reverberations of the July 15 coup attempt and its legacy for the country. But one overarching message is clear: Turkish people will no longer tolerate their democratic rights and popular will to be undermined and hijacked by cliques and terror groups from within and outside the state.”

The Road Ahead After the June 24 Elections

Having handled serious domestic and foreign policy crises over the years, including party closure cases and a failed coup attempt, Erdogan’s campaign for the presidential system has been accepted by the Turkish electorate.

Can the Manbij Roadmap Rebuild Mutual Trust Between the US and Turkey?

By partnering with the YPG on the ground, the U.S. lends credibility and legitimacy to YPG forces that goes beyond narrow assistance. It also empowers the YPG against other local groups, including those that are not aligned with the PKK. In the end, giving up armed struggle against Turkey becomes less attractive and unnecessary for the PKK and its allied groups.

The US Pretends No More in Giving Israel What it Wants

The Middle East as a whole has to live with a reality where the U.S. not only fails to provide leadership but reduces its role to supporting the Israeli cause with a few regional backers. A U.S. policy designed to appease the American evangelicals and the Netanyahu government can only spell further disaster.