Klaus Jurgens

Klaus Jurgens

Klaus Jurgens obtained his PhD in Government from the London School of Economics and is currently a political analyst and journalist.
Multi-speed EU Cure All Remedy or Dead End

Multi-speed EU: Cure All Remedy or Dead End?

March 1, 2018
Not only Brexit but the rise of populist movements almost everywhere paired with very vocal desires to have more say at home instead of furthering what is often perceived as an EU super state in the making may have Brussels perhaps think twice.
A Charm Offensive Turkey and France Reset Relations

A Charm Offensive: Turkey and France Reset Relations

January 8, 2018
Both leaders need one another. Macron can gain regional and global stature via Turkey; Turkey can gain renewed influence in other European capitals via Paris.
Change in Germany s Political Dynamics and its Effect on

Change in Germany’s Political Dynamics and its Effect on Turkish Citizens

November 30, 2017
If the grand coalition is established and if it takes into consideration Ankara’s on-going willingness to cooperate more closely with Berlin, and thus materializes this opportunity, the German business community as well as her citizens will benefit from this to a great deal. As for Germany herself, it seems that any alternative scenario other than such a grand coalition would apparently force the country into a prolonged state of political crisis.