Mehmet Enes Beşer

Mehmet Enes Beşer

Mehmet Enes Beşer completed his BA in Sociology at Bogazici University and is currently pursuing his MA at Bielefeld University. He is the Executive Director of the Bosphorus Migration Studies, an Istanbul-based international think tank, which focuses on migration and refugee studies.
Protectionism Trade Wars and Trump's Political Motives

Protectionism, Trade Wars and Trump's Political Motives

September 19, 2018
Triggered by various motives, Trump’s protectionist policies against Mexico, Canada, China, the EU, and Turkey, hurts the conventional political economy of the U.S. based on the global free market regime.
The EU-Africa Summit Africa Deserves Better

The EU-Africa Summit: Africa Deserves Better

January 2, 2018
Summarized in President Erdogan’s words, – “Many people in the world associate the African continent with extreme poverty, violent conflict and a general state of hopelessness. The people of Turkey have a different view. We believe Africa deserves better.”
EU-Turkey Deal A Dead-Duck

EU-Turkey Deal: A Dead-Duck

November 28, 2017
If the EU insists upon the revision of Turkey’s anti-terror laws, while the country is fighting against terror groups such FETO, DAESH and the PKK/PYD, it will not be surprising to see a cancelation of the readmission agreement between Turkey and the EU.