Merve Seren

Merve Seren

Merve Seren works as a Researcher at the Security Studies Department at the SETA Foundation, Ankara.
F 35 Case Not the First Time Won t be

F–35 Case: Not the First Time, Won’t be the Last

June 11, 2018
If the U.S. Senate approves the bill to punish Ankara, then it will punish its own defense company Lockheed Martin as well. Turkey is one of the company’s biggest customers, with 116 stealth fighters on order.
Euphrates Shield revisited

Euphrates Shield revisited

August 28, 2017
Ankara's objectives, closely associated with homeland and border security issues, obligated it to take military measures
Securing Turkey s Borders A Proactive Strategy with High-Tech Approach

Securing Turkey’s Borders: A Proactive Strategy with High-Tech Approach

June 14, 2017
The current border security of Turkey is functional and adequate, but needs to be improved by, first, an efficient management system that coordinates the involved institutions of four ministries. Secondly, high-tech products rather than human-based solutions, mainly intelligence capabilities, appear to be an urgent field requirement to detect border threats before they are too close to combat.
Turkey s Domestic Surveillance Balloons vs the US Persistent Threat

Turkey’s Domestic Surveillance Balloons vs. the US Persistent Threat Detection System

May 12, 2017
The indigenously developed surveillance balloons by ASELSAN-OTONOM, and to some extent TURKSAT, seem appropriate for the operational needs of the Turkish Army in comparison to the ones of outer market. They are mobile, small and simple systems to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance tasks in potential combat zones.
Turkey s Prospects and Challenges for a National Missile Defense

Turkey’s Prospects and Challenges for a National Missile Defense System

April 23, 2017
In order to ramp up production based on the use of national resources, thus diversify domestically produced technologies and goods, Turkey has to strengthen and support her defense industry.
Hackers and Cyber-Security in Turkey An Interview with Halil Öztürkci

Hackers and Cyber-Security in Turkey, An Interview with Halil Öztürkci

February 10, 2017
Dr. Merve Seren talks to Halil Öztürkci, a "White Hat" hacker, for The New Turkey about how governments are trying to use the expertise of otherwise malicious cyber attackers to build better defenses.
Turkey Steps Up Counter-Cyber Attack Efforts

Turkey Steps Up Counter-Cyber Attack Efforts

January 24, 2017
According to a report published by Fortinet in August 2016, Turkey placed in the list of top five countries experiencing botnets, malicious software and exploit kits attacks.
Perils of the PKK s Arms The MANPADS Challenge

Perils of the PKK’s Arms: The MANPADS Challenge

November 22, 2016
The Turkish Army’s bitter experiences, such as the PKK’s recent attack near the Çığlı military zone, highlights the unanticipated consequences of shortfalls and limitations in countermeasure abilities against MANPADS, and draws attention to the need to strengthen capabilities for detecting, locating, identifying, and defeating targets through UAVs.