Mevlüt Tatlıyer

Mevlüt Tatlıyer

Dr. Tatlıyer has received his B.S. degree in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (2007), M.A. degree in Financial Economics from Istanbul Bilgi University (2010) and PhD degree in Economics from Istanbul University (2014). Tatlıyer currently works at Istanbul Medipol University, Economics & Finance department as associate professor of economics. In addition, he is a researcher at SETA Economy unit. His research fields involve macroeconomics and international political economics. Tatlıyer has publications in various international journals. Moreover, Tatlıyer has authored a Turkish book titled The Evolution of Economic Thought and Economic Policy (2015).
The US Went Too Far Against Huawei

The US Went Too Far Against Huawei

May 30, 2019
Not just Huawei or China feels less secure right now, but the whole world feels that way. And, there is almost nothing more harmful to a world order than feeling insecure.
A War that Cannot Be Won US Aggression Against Huawei

A War that Cannot Be Won: US Aggression Against Huawei

May 22, 2019
The U.S. is trying to win a battle that cannot be won: you cannot sanction or prohibit away technological progress in other countries. Huawei is just one of the rising companies among many in the developing world. And this is completely normal: the world is just getting more “flat.”
The Increasingly Biased Journalism Against Turkey

The Increasingly Biased Journalism Against Turkey

April 15, 2019
Western journalism in general is at the grasp of incredibly subjective and biased journalism to such an extent that they think that they have the liberty of framing everything as they please, even when the facts show the opposite direction.
What Happened to the Turkish Lira

What Happened to the Turkish Lira?

March 27, 2019
If the very financial firms, who are to impart valuable information regarding national countries to their clients and the world at large, are telling incredibly misleading stories and abusing their limited power, then it means that something is terribly wrong with these institutions.
Turkey's Economic Crisis that Never Came

Turkey's Economic Crisis that Never Came

January 28, 2019
An economic crisis has always been imminent and under the thin surface for Turkey's crisis-mongers for the last 16 years. For them, all you need to do to foresee the “plunging” of the economy into the crisis is to scratch the surface. 
Trump s Double quot Conflation quot Problem

Trump’s Double "Conflation" Problem

January 21, 2019
In such an “interconnected” and “intertwined” world, the economic sphere must have a certain degree of immunity from politics. Not just individual countries but the whole world needs this. And will be even more so as the 21st century progresses.
How to Trade in a Multipolar World

How to Trade in a Multipolar World

November 29, 2018
The U.S. has benefited from the U.S. dollar both directly and indirectly to an incredible extent. In a multipolar world, no national currency can ever have such a favored status, even if it mistakenly believes that it can afford it.
What is the Future of the US Dollar

What is the Future of the US Dollar?

November 23, 2018
The unique role of the U.S. dollar will cease to exist in the foreseeable future. This will not happen anytime soon, but it will happen.
Istanbul Airport and its Economic Potential

Istanbul Airport and its Economic Potential

November 8, 2018
Istanbul Airport has the real potential to generate its own economic/commercial/technological/cultural ecosystem, which will certainly contribute to the Turkish economy and world economy itself.
Turkey Should Spend Wisely

Turkey Should “Spend” Wisely

October 17, 2018
One should underscore not more saving or less consumption, but increasing the productivity level of the “consumption composition” when going through economic difficulties. It is not “more saving,” but “more productive consumption.”