Mevlüt Tatlıyer

Mevlüt Tatlıyer

Dr. Tatlıyer has received his B.S. degree in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (2007), M.A. degree in Financial Economics from Istanbul Bilgi University (2010) and PhD degree in Economics from Istanbul University (2014). Tatlıyer currently works at Istanbul Medipol University, Economics & Finance department as associate professor of economics. In addition, he is a researcher at SETA Economy unit. His research fields involve macroeconomics and international political economics. Tatlıyer has publications in various international journals. Moreover, Tatlıyer has authored a Turkish book titled The Evolution of Economic Thought and Economic Policy (2015).
What are the Prospects of the Turkish Economy

What are the Prospects of the Turkish Economy?

April 5, 2018
A developing country such as Turkey needs not an over-valued currency but certainly an undervalued currency. The Turkish Lira had been tremendously overvalued against the Dollar and Euro in the 2000s up until a couple of years ago thanks to the abundant global liquidity and tight monetary policy in Turkey.
Not Financial Speculations but Financial Attacks against Turkey

Not Financial Speculations, but Financial Attacks against Turkey?

March 22, 2018
There is a general sentiment within Turkish society that volatility in the Turkish lira has its roots not in economy, but in politics, and is an economic extension to the slow motion war against Turkey waged by “subcontractor” terrorist organizations.
The Quest for Financial Stability in a Financialized World

The Quest for Financial Stability in a Financialized World

November 3, 2017
Although financial stability in today’s extremely financialized world is not easy to achieve, there are important – yet not exhaustive - tools such as wealth funds, capital controls and use of local currencies in order to lessen the negative effects emanating from unfettered financial markets in an era of financial supremacy.
What s Next for the Turkish Lira

What’s Next for the Turkish Lira?

January 16, 2017
In fact, it is very hard for the currency to stay where it is now. (Indeed, it decreased sharply from over 3.90 to about 3.70 in just two days.) So, once the speculative wave fades away, then can we see a sharp decline in the TL/US parity. Until where? Well, one can expect first around 3.60s and then 3.30s.
How Turkish Economy Beat the Coup Attempt

How Turkish Economy Beat the Coup Attempt

August 10, 2016
The Turkish economy showed the glimpses of its resilience in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt, such that the economy and financial system have worked very well without any instability; as if nothing major took place just a matter of days earlier.
The Defender of Democracy The Turkish People

The Defender of Democracy: The Turkish People

July 27, 2016
“Do not watch superhero movies, just look at one another’s face.” These words, uttered by a university student who took to the streets like hundreds of thousands of people all over Turkey in an effort to thwart the coup attempt, reflect an apparent reality.
Minimum Wage Employment and Inflation

Minimum Wage, Employment and Inflation

June 16, 2016
In numerous countries, minimum wage increases have not resulted in lower employment or higher inflation. In this sense, the Turkish experience is totally in compliance with the global case.
What Turkey Needs is an Industrial Policy

What Turkey Needs is an Industrial Policy

May 13, 2016
The Turkish economy needs a close relationship and collaboration between the state and private firms, or some kind of “carrots and sticks” industrial policy.
Inflation Targeting and Its Limitations

Inflation Targeting and Its Limitations

April 18, 2016
The world economy and the Turkish economy need not yet another version of IT regime, or unconventionalised monetary policy, but a monetary policy framework which understands the workings of the real economy and stands up to empirical evidence.