Muhammad Saifuddin

Muhammad Saifuddin

Muhammad Saifuddin is a graduate student of Sociology at Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul.
Rohingya Refugees say No to Repatriation Is Turkish Aid the

Rohingya Refugees say ‘No’ to Repatriation: Is Turkish Aid the Reason?

September 17, 2019
Turkish aid has nothing to do with the Rohingya refusal to repatriate. It is in fact Turkey’s commitment to the Rohingya people at the international and local level that provides an important source of hope.
Sudanese People Long For a New Dawn Where Their Voices

Sudanese People Long For a New Dawn Where Their Voices are Heard

August 15, 2019
The determination of the youth in Sudan for democracy and the military’s obstinate cling to power are swinging the country’s future in two directions gradually making it more uncertain to know what the future holds for Sudan.
What is the Future for India s Muslims with the

What is the Future for India’s Muslims with the Rise of Hindu Nationalism?

August 1, 2019
If the Modi government wants to give India a place in international platforms, all forms of bigotry and the secret but conspicuous wish of ultra-Hindu Nationalism should be renounced immediately. If not, India will be a home for stigmatization and racism.