Muhittin Ataman

Prof. Dr. Muhittin Ataman graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in the department of International Relations at Ankara University. Ataman obtained his M.A. at Central Oklahoma University and his Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Ataman is currently a faculty member at the International Relations department at Yildirim Beyazit University and is also SETA’s Deputy General Director.

EU’s ambiguous expectations of Turkey

It is necessary for European countries to revise their unilateral policies and abandon their hierarchical and zero-sum approach towards Turkey. They should remember that the two sides are interdependent with one another.

Russia’s to-do list in Syria

If Russia continues the heavy bombardment against civilians, it will damage the future of the projected peace congress in Sochi, which aims to provide a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

US contribution to Syrian mayhem

The U.S. position in Syria can be interpreted from two perspectives, both of which Ankara rejects: Either the U.S. political leadership fails to read the developments on the ground in the Middle East, or it is aware of what it is doing in the region.

How to understand US stance on Operation Olive Branch

The U.S. continued to support the YPG even in a post-Daesh Syria. Today, Daesh has lost its territory in Syria, but the U.S. plans further cooperation with the YPG as part of its mid- and long-term strategies in the Middle East.