Murat Yeşiltaş

Dr. Yeşiltaş is a Professor of International Relations at Sakarya University. He is currently working on the following research projects: The Rise of Kurdish Geopolitical Space, Border Security in the Middle East and The New Regional Security Project in the Middle East (NRSP).

Winning Idlib

The new Idlib deal allows for Turkey to maintain its position in the Syrian crisis and to lead negotiations on an international level.

The Unnamed War in Turkey-US Relations

The cases of both Pastor Brunson and Jerusalem represent a ‘clash of civilizations’ and even more, a ‘religious-conflict’ and are the most significant examples of the messianic wave in U.S. foreign policy.

A Uni-Multipolar Moment in Turkish Politics

“The AK Party’s primacy in the domestic distribution of power capabilities is one of the most salient features of the current Turkish politics, but the new dynamics with regards to the new system requires more cooperation to sustain its supremacy.”