Mustafa Taki Kurtoğlu

Mustafa Taki Kurtoğlu

Mustafa Taki Kurtoğlu is currently pursuing his MA in Sociology, with a particular focus on sport sociology, at Beykent University. Kurtoğlu is also the current Education Coordinator at SETA Istanbul.
Two Cup Finals One Fate Roberto Baggio and Osman Cakmak

Two Cup Finals, One Fate: Roberto Baggio and Osman Cakmak

November 27, 2018
If that penalty became a goal, then Cakmak would have bestowed a world cup to his beloved nation, for which he lost a leg for. But as a quirk of fate, he could not seize this opportunity and November 5 remained the most unfortunate day in his personal history.
Amputee Football Championship in Turkey Emotions and Experiences

Amputee Football Championship in Turkey: Emotions and Experiences

October 16, 2017
Çakmak neither commented on the difficulties of his life, nor was he in expectation of any material gain. The only thing he wanted from his people was for them to be with their amputee team on that night.