Obaida Hitto

Obaida Hitto

Graduate student at Sabahattin Zaim University conducting research on International Relations in the Middle East and a journalist at TRT World.
Abdul Basit Saroot The Syrian Revolution s Voice From the

Abdul Basit Saroot: The Syrian Revolution’s Voice From the Grave

July 5, 2019
Abdul Basit Saroot was the voice of a nation ripped apart by a crimson dictator hell bent on keeping power at any cost.
The Nightmare in Idlib is Real A Firsthand Account of

The Nightmare in Idlib is Real: A Firsthand Account of the Horrors Being Perpetrated Today

May 28, 2019
Eight months later, the Assad regime, backed by Russian air power, has conducted a ruthless aerial campaign which has forced over 200,000 people to flee their homes in less than a month. Meanwhile, 200 people have been killed, nearly all by indiscriminate shelling and aerial bombing. 
The Fate of Syria s Constitutional Committee

The Fate of Syria’s Constitutional Committee

April 2, 2019
Without the participation of the Syrian public, both inside and outside Syria, a constitution written in Geneva, Astana, or in Paris may not have the legitimacy required to mobilize the Syrian public to participate in a transitional political process.