Ömer Özkizilcik

Ömer Özkizilcik

Ömer Özkizilcik currently works at the Security Department of the SETA Foundation in Ankara and is the Editor-in-Chief of Suriye Gündemi.
Why are Syrian Rebels Losing Ground in Idlib

Why are Syrian Rebels Losing Ground in Idlib?

January 11, 2018
While the Syrian opposition enjoyed important support within Syrian society, HTS is logically viewed as Al-Qaeda – a group that does not enjoy popular support among Syrians.
A Pending Threat for the West Foreign Fighters in the

A Pending Threat for the West: Foreign Fighters in the YPG

December 25, 2017
Battle-hardened veterans who have fought within the ranks of the YPG may wait for a crisis or for a war to promote their ideology, recruit and train new members against their real enemy – “the capitalists.”
Turkey and the UAE Economic Allies but Regional Competitors

Turkey and the UAE: Economic Allies but Regional Competitors?

December 5, 2017
While Saudi Arabia and the UAE form the so called “axis of the status quo" promoting authoritarian regimes, Qatar and Turkey work together in the “revolutionary axis" supporting popular democracy movements in the Middle East.
Russia s YPG Strategy in Syria

Russia’s YPG Strategy in Syria

November 6, 2017
While in principle Russia is attempting to find a solution through the Astana talks with Turkey and Iran, Moscow also wants to use the YPG card to secure its political and military gains in Syria.
What is Turkey doing in Idlib

What is Turkey doing in Idlib?

October 9, 2017
With Turkish absence, Idlib would face huge destruction, indiscriminate bombing, massacres, huge refugee flows and would become a new Raqqa, Mosul or Aleppo. Turkish foreign policy aims and the future of the Syrian civilians in Idlib are now hand in hand.
Uniting the Syrian Rebel Factions

Uniting the Syrian Rebel Factions

September 20, 2017
As long as the support is not united under one structure, which will benefit the interim government, the Syrian opposition factions will also be unable to unite. In this case, it is only a question of whether the HTS or the Syrian regime will be first in eliminating Syrian opposition on the ground.
Could the US Save the Raqqa Operation Through Intense Airstrikes

Could the US Save the Raqqa Operation Through Intense Airstrikes?

August 16, 2017
Despite huge American support, PKK-affiliated YPG forces are trying hard to take Raqqa from DAESH. After the quick withdrawal of DAESH from the Raqqa countryside, their resistance against the US-backed YPG is strong.