Philippe Barbe

Philippe Barbe

Philippe Barbé holds a PhD in literature from Northwestern University. He taught French professor at the University of California Irvine. He is currently teaching French language and literature at Marmara University. His main fields of interest are Francophone literature, postcolonial studies and Mediterranean studies.
The European Paradox Between Islamophilia and Islamophobia

The European Paradox: Between Islamophilia and Islamophobia

July 12, 2016
The rise of Islamophobia is not just a symptom of the new world disorder: it could also announce the end of the European dream.
Why November 13th can not and should not become a

Why “November 13th” can not and should not become a French “9/11”

February 15, 2016
Donald Trump’s recent call to block all Muslim Foreigners from entering the United States is a disturbing sign that Islamophobia remains an effective tool to gain support during an election campaign.