Rıfat Öncel

Rıfat Öncel

Rıfat Öncel graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of International Relations in 2014. Öncel is currently a graduate student at Middle East Technical University, Department of International Relations. His areas of research include Iraqi politics, violent non-state actors, radicalism, and religion and nationalism in the Middle East. Öncel works as a research assistant in SETA Ankara, Security Studies Department.
The Operation Euphrates Shield A Joint Military Campaign in a

The Operation Euphrates Shield: A Joint Military Campaign in a Foreign Land

September 15, 2017
Conducting a military operation in a different geography, operating in an environment in which the dominant language is different and variations in socio-cultural dynamics in the region made Turkey more reliant on FSA forces during the operation.
The Threat of DAESH Sleeper Cells and How to Contain

The Threat of DAESH Sleeper Cells and How to Contain It

May 15, 2017
After the recent death of senior Daesh operative Abdurakhmon Uzbeki as a result of a US Special Forces raid in Mayadin, in eastern Syrian near Deir ez Zor, the complexity of the threat exposed by Daesh towards Turkey, has once again been proven. A US military statement acknowledged that Uzbeki was the “facilitator” of the Reina Nightclub attack on New Year’s Eve.