Şerif Dilek

Şerif Dilek

Serif Dilek received his B.A. in Business and M.A. in Maritime Economy. Dr. Dilek earned his Ph.D. in Political Economy of the Middle East at the Institute of Middle East Studies, Marmara University. Dilek’s fields of research include International Political Economy, Middle East Economy and Economic Development.
The Rise of Asia Against the Weakened Western Alliance

The Rise of Asia Against the Weakened Western Alliance

June 28, 2018
Trump, in his attempt to undermine China’s hegemony in the Asia Pacific, is harming the Western alliance. Due to these reasons, policies adopted by the U.S. and China, dubbed G7 countries, and being the principal actors of the global order, may trigger many-faceted trade wars in the following period.
The Rise of Bitcoin and its Ambiguous Future

The Rise of Bitcoin and its Ambiguous Future

January 30, 2018
Cryptocurrencies are an important component of the great digital transformation. As discussed in various circles, Bitcoin and similar currencies might be a bubble that could burst. However, the technological development suggests that these kinds of currencies will become an inevitable part of our daily economic activities. In this respect, Bitcoin and altcoins have influenced the globe within a short time.
The Transformation of Money and Blockchain Technology

The Transformation of Money and Blockchain Technology

January 9, 2018
It is argued that blockchain, the underlying element of digital currencies, will have the most impact on our lives in the near future, taking over social media, big data, robots and artificial intelligence. Some even claim that its affect will be the “real” revolution.
Is post-referendum KRG economically sustainable

Is post-referendum KRG economically sustainable?

October 10, 2017
It would be more realistic for Iraqi Kurds to seek a mechanism that would further regional reconciliation instead of interests of foreign actors, especially in such a time the Middle East needs stability and security.
Seeking Independence in Northern Iraq An Interview with Hemin Hawrami

Seeking Independence in Northern Iraq, An Interview with Hemin Hawrami

August 16, 2017
Questions linger about the timing of the Independence referendum to be held in Northern Iraq on September 25, and how the new state can deal with the ethnic and sectarian schisms that are tearing apart the region.
Will Turkey s Citizenship Through Investment Program Contribute to the

Will Turkey’s “Citizenship Through Investment” Program Contribute to the Economy?

February 10, 2017
Turkey's citizenship through investment program is expected to contribute to the country's economic structure, especially in the inflow of foreign currency and closing the current deficit, during a period in which the global economy is ailed by stagnation.