Talha Köse

Talha Köse

Dr. Talha Köse is a researcher at SETA Foundation. Dr. Köse completed his doctoral studies at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR)-George Mason University in January 2010. Köse’s doctoral research focuses on the transformation of Alevi identity within the post-1980 milieu of Turkey. Köse worked as a research fellow at the Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University (2010). Köse served as a visiting lecturer at George Mason University and University Maastricht (Netherlands). Ethnic-sectarian and identity based conflicts; approaches to inter-cultural reconciliation, community mediation in Turkey, Alevi issues in Turkey, and Conflict Resolution approaches in foreign policy are some of the research interests of Dr. Köse.
What's happening in Saudi Arabia

What's happening in Saudi Arabia?

November 7, 2017
It seems that preparations of a new era in Saudi Arabia is underway. To eradicate old structures and systems, powerhouses are being put in order one-by-one. While scholars were the first to be intimidated, now the focus has shifted towards the dynasty, business world, the media and bureaucracy.
Can Turkey benefit from a Strategic Alliance with Russia

Can Turkey benefit from a Strategic Alliance with Russia?

June 28, 2017
Turkey’s relations with the US are expected to stay fragile due to Washington’s insistence on supporting the PKK in Syria. With the EU, Germany will be the determining factor but stagnant relations seem likely to continue until Germany’s federal parliamentary elections. Among these three actors, Russia seems to be the most viable option for a positive structural change in the short run.
Erdoğan - Trump Meeting Signals a More Constructive Era in

Erdoğan - Trump Meeting Signals a More Constructive Era in US-Turkish Relations

May 31, 2017
President Erdoğan’s meeting with US President Trump was overshadowed by the Pentagon’s decision to provide heavy weaponry to the YPG. Meanwhile, Trump’s mind was preoccupied with rumors of impeachment over allegations his administration shared state secrets with Russian officials.
From Alliance to Tacit Containment Changes in Turkey-US Relations

From Alliance to Tacit Containment: Changes in Turkey-US Relations

May 9, 2017
If the EU institutions decide to continue more hostile relations with Turkey and try to isolate Turkey, alternative options including the Shangai Cooperation Organization may be considered more seriously. Fluctuations and instabilities in US-Russian relations will have a direct impact on Turkey’s strategic decisions and choices. That is why the decision makers in Turkey will be following this relationship closely.
Rebalancing Turkey s Foreign Policy

Rebalancing Turkey’s Foreign Policy

May 3, 2017
Turkey is having difficulty communicating its current foreign policy objectives and practices, which are closely linked to the country’s recent domestic challenges. Both Turkey’s traditional NATO allies and Russia are unwilling to cooperate with it in its efforts to meet security challenges related to the spillover effects of the Syrian war and the problems related to the FETO (Fetullah Gülenist Terror Organization). Indeed this reluctance is beyond the scope of a simple communication problem.
The Unpopular Peace The Colombian and Turkish Experiences

The “Unpopular Peace”: The Colombian and Turkish Experiences

October 10, 2016
Public diplomacy and a communication strategy are critical pillars of any successful peace process. In many instances, traumas and memories of the conflict overshadow hopes for peace and reconciliation. The Colombian and Turkish peace initiatives mark some of the complexities of peace processes.
Disclosing the Transnational Dimension of FETO

Disclosing the Transnational Dimension of FETO

August 23, 2016
The transnational networks of FETO may eventually become a Messianic elite diaspora network that may not only threaten Turkey’s interests but also manipulate the politics of the host countries.
The Impact of the Syrian Civil War on Identity Groups

The Impact of the Syrian Civil War on Identity Groups in Turkey

July 11, 2016
People living in the cities bordering Syria and Iraq are experiencing this tension more intensely. If not skillfully managed, serious social frictions may arouse. Becoming aware of such a potential threat is a crucial first step, but following steps need to be taken to ensure that communities in Turkey are more resilient to such tensions.
Is the Spirit of Sykes-Picot Still Alive in the Middle

Is the Spirit of Sykes-Picot Still Alive in the Middle East after a Century?

May 16, 2016
The conditions of the Sykes-Picot agreement are no longer valid, but the spirit of the agreement is still alive. The future of Syria, Iraq and probably Lebanon will be decided by the ‘international community’, meaning with the tacit agreement of Lavrov and Kerry.